We All Need Someone To Drive Us Mad

I think all my As art units are finally finished and I could cry with joy

Anonymous asked: Do you not use Lookbook anymore? I'm not good at using any kind of blogs (tumblr, blogspot & such) so it's hard for me to keep up with you. I followed you on here & quite enjoy it but I'd love to see your looks again in lookbook.

I don’t really use it any more, for the simple reason that my clothes recently have become so boring and I no longer have anywhere decent in my room to take photo’s. But thank you all the same!¬†

It’s been lovely and sunny this evening

It’s been lovely and sunny this evening

Anonymous asked: hello my name is frida. It would be lovely to see your art examinations :)

Aw thank you Frida, that’s very lovely of you, I might make a post about them later because I have to get it all sorted tonight but it’ll be so¬†embarrassing!